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In recent times household energy costs have increased and solar and home battery costs have significantly reduced which has contributed to the recent strong interest in battery storage solutions. With several brands offering solar and battery energy storage solutions with a range of chemistries, physical shapes and sizes, safety features, battery capacities, energy output, weather/IP ratings, charge/discharge rates, warranties, inverter compatibility and with a range of proven product manufacturing experience one of the most important questions is what product is best for you?

We tailor battery energy system solutions for what you want to achieve from your battery and solar energy system, then we analyse the market for the product that is going to give you the best performance and return on your investment. There are many more products out there and with trillions of dollars going into the research and development of battery technology there are more and more products entering the Australian market.

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LG Chem offers one of the best lithium ion solar home batteries backed by LG with over 50 years of experience, huge investment in research and development with state of the art production and research facilities. You’ll find LG Chem batteries and battery cells in a massive range of products across the globe. The LG Chem RESU range is one of the most popular products on the market with great battery specifications, value, wide range of inverter compatibility and backed by a global leader in battery technology.

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