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The inverter is the heart of the system and converts direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) to be used in your home or exported to the grid for a minimum of 11.3 Cents per kWh in Victoria.

All of our inverters come with monitoring systems to allow you to monitor your system from anywhere in the world with access to the internet. It allows us to remotely monitor your system to ensure its working as it should and you are getting the best return of investment and benefits from your solar system.

The monitoring can be used to maximise self-consumption by using your appliances during the day such as your dishwasher and washing machine when you have solar power to use reducing your power costs.

Adsolar carries the following brands:


SolarEdge is a DC optimised solution offering a complete home energy management package. SolarEdge offers optional solar, home automation, hot water diverters and electric vehicle charging integrated inverters all in the same smart grid system. Solar Edge offer multimode inverters for hybrid battery system with battery backup reducing your installation cost and increasing your systems overall efficiency delivering you a better return on investment.

  • Expert Australian sales and technical support
  • Market leading warranty
  • 12-year standard warranty
  • Extendable warranty up to 25 years
  • Optional smart meter for real time consumption
  • Individual panel monitoring
  • IP65 for outdoor installation
  • SafeDC with panel level shutdown
  • DC optimised
  • Optional Battery ready with backup circuit
  • Home energy management options
  • EV charger inverters


Fronius is a high quality European inverter company producing one of the most popular inverters. Their clever snap inverter design and use of high quality components with German engineering has produced one of the best inverters on the market. Their high efficiency, smart grid features and expert technical support make the Fronius Primo, Symo or Galvo a fantastic investment. With an optional Fronius smart meter you can see your consumption and production on your desktop or smart phone.

  • Wi-Fi or LAN connected
  • SnapINverter design
  • 5-year warranty extendable to 10 years
  • Expert Australian sales and Technical support
  • Free access to solarweb online monitoring portal
  • Optional meter for real-time in house consumption
  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation
  • Expert Australian sales and technical support


ZeverSolar is part owned by German company SMA and is manufactured in China. Its low-cost manufacturing and intelligent German engineering delivers a solid low-cost inverter with a quality reputation. ZeverSolar inverters wide ranging specifications, low cost and technical support makes ZeverSolar a sound investment.

  • IP 65 suitable for outdoor installation
  • Low Cost
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Online monitoring
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Compact and light weight

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