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Hot Water

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CATCH Power devices use your existing solar installation to heat yout hot water or floor heating.

Don’t give your excess solar away for free.

Catch will make better use of the excess solar, sending energy to your hot water or floor heating.

Save hundreds of dollars per year.

There are significant savings to be made by making better use of your solar electricity.

24/7 monitoring of your solar installation.

CATCH is always working and checking; if your solar develops a problem, CATCH will notify you before you even know there is a problem.

Max Hot Water Size 4.8kW
Max Load Current 20A
Max distance between diverter and communicator 60m
Powerline communications 100kHz frequency
AC Input voltage 230VAC
Weight <1kg
Dimensions HxWxL (cm)
Diverter 15x7x12
Communicator 15x7x10
Warranty 5 years

How does it work?

Blue CATCH is made up of two boxes. A Diverter (this goes into your meter box) and a Communicator (this plugs into your router/modem).

There is no need for any wiring between these two boxes as they send data over the existing power cables in your home.

CATCH Power devices use an adaptive learning algorithm to ensure optimum use of the generated solar. With information on total solar generation, household loads, and hot water consumption, combined with forecasted weather data, CATCH will make the best decision about the most efficient source of power to use while keeping the supply of hot water continuous.

There are no complicated settings to deal with. Just plug it in and let CATCH work out the rest.

Australian Made.

Accreditations and Awards: You’re in safe hands with Adsolar!

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